Thadeu Romano with Marcio Mendes (BRA)

Thadeu Romano emerged from regional Brazil to the world. A distinctive piano accordionist will take you through a wave of emotions with his selection of songs from his very first album “da reza a festa” (From Prayer to Party) which is heavily inspired by Brazilian composers such as Pixinguinha and Sivuca.

Marcio Mendes hails from Sau Paulo and has performed with highly respected names of the Brazilian music scene. This unique mix of Brazilian percussion and piano accordian will get your feet moving and dancing to the festive sounds like it’s fiesta. 



Thadeu comes from Campinas, a little town close to Sao Paulo in Brazil. Now a composer and conductor, his passion and dedication to music began at the age of 15. He is from a select group of musician that transition through various styles of music such as Bach, Gonzagão, Piazolla and Sivuca.

He has amazed a multitude of people playing with big names of Brazilian music like Bibi Ferreira, Zizi Possi, Fábio Jr., Geraldo Azevedo, Antônio Nobrega, Swami Jr., Naylor Proveta, Cristovan Bastos, Laercio de Freitas, Fernanda Porto, Toninho Ferragutti just to name a few.

Thadeu keeps an even busier agenda with the Choro Festival called “Chorando Sem Parar” that happens annually in Brazil. He is musical director and the festival is in it’s thirteenth edition.

In 2016 Thadeu released his first album “Da Reza a Festa” an instrumental selection of his own compositions which took him to Tour Europe for 30 days and now opened the door to play here in Perth.




Marcio hails from Sau Paulo, Brazil’s largest city. He has played music professionally since his early 20’s and has performed with highly respected names of the Brazilian music scene such as Djavan and iconic samba and pagode bands from Brazil such as Mundo do Samba, Arte Popular and Negritude Junior. He has entertained crowds as large as a hundred thousand people in Brazil, Europe and Australia with the artists Leandro Learte and the pianist Tania Maria.