Beans Buma's Boys of Rhythm

Beans Buma’s Boys of Rhythm are a high-octane drove of young mavericks determined to bring you all the raucous jazz-fueled energy of the Roaring 20s! Described by critics as “definitely a band”, the Boys combine rambunctious trad-jazz and swing rhythms with hilarious on-stage antics. This is a show not to be missed!


“Young, talented, energetic, the six-piece outfit had the [audience] members cheering and clapping wildly at their antics on and off the stage… With young talent like this, it augers well for the new generation of trad musicians.” - Ron Knight, Jazz Club of WA



  • Matt McGlynn - trumpet
  • Tom Greble - sax
  • Geordie Bain - sax
  • Jeremy Thomson - banjo
  • Marty Pervan - sousaphone
  • Ryan Daunt - drums