Alana Macpherson Nonet

The Alana Macpherson Nonet, formed in 2014 brings original compositions and fresh arrangements from the pen of alto saxophonist Alana Macpherson. Fusing elements of modern big band music, free jazz, and indie rock, the result is dense textures, floating melodies and hard hitting grooves. This ensemble features Alana Macpherson (alto saxophone/compositions), Ricki Malet (trumpet), Dylan Hooper (tenor saxophone), Blake Philips (trombone), Jessica Andrew (bass clarinet), Jeremy Thomson (guitar), Austin Salisbury (piano), Kate Pass (bass) and Alex Reid (drums).

Alana Macpherson is a highly skilled saxophonist, performer and arranger from Perth, Western Australia, who is fast becoming known for her passionate improvisations, intricate compositions, and heartfelt arrangements. She has performed both nationally and internationally, and has had extensive involvement with the Western Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra (WAYJO). Alana is also the founding member of the large-ensemble “Alana Macpherson Nonet”, which presents original and re-imagined material by the members of the band, drawing influences from the traditional big band repertoire, as well as modern groups such as the SF Jazz Collective.



  • Alana Macpherson - alto saxophone/compositions
  • Ricki Malet - trumpet
  • Dylan Hooper - tenor saxophone
  • Blake Philips – trombone
  • Jessica Andrew - bass clarinet
  • Jeremy Thomson - guitar
  • Austin Salisbury – piano
  • Kate Pass - bass
  • Alex Reid – drums